With International Sculling Coach ALLAN WHITWELL

Allan Whitwell runs Penne Sculling Camp over a full week. The training load and number of sessions are tailored to individual needs. There are opportunities to take part in various activity sessions, which can include sculling, cycling, running, mobility and power conditioning.

Ideally scullers attending the course may bring their own equipment for sculling and cycling.  Bringing your own boat does give Allan Whitwell the opportunity to fine tune its setup. However if this is not possible, top quality equipment is available for hire.

In-depth video analysis is undertaken by Allan Whitwell early in the week to ensure the best possible technical improvement.

The Penne Challenge is the competitive element of the sculling camp, how fast can you complete the 14.7km course? These are the current records, can you beat these?                                                                           


Camp Dates For 2014:                     Summer Dates

     17th - 23rd April (Easter)                20th - 26th July

     5th - 11th June                               27th - 2nd August

                                                          3rd - 9th August

                                                          10th - 16th August

                                                          17th - 23rd August

                                                          7th - 13th September

     October Dates TBC                        14th - 20th September

                                                          21st - 27th September









penne sculling camp - FRANCE
1x Elite -           00:58.36

1x Senior -       00:58.10
1x IM1 -            00:57.13
1x IM2 -            01:07.02
1x IM3 -            00:59.38
1x Novice -       01:10.3

1x Elite -           01:02.17 (NR '13)
1x Senior -       01:03.43
1x IM1 -            01:10.54
1x IM2 -            01:04.31
1x IM3 -            01:04.53
1x Novice -       01:18.06 

J17 -                 01:10.21 (NR '13)