penne sculling success
With International Sculling Coach ALLAN WHITWELL
penne sculling camp - FRANCE
British National Regatta - Nottingham - 2011
Silver Medal W1x Sculler
W1x Qualified For Henley Royal Regatta 2011
Womens Henley Regatta 2011
W1x Win
Master National Rowing Regatta - Nottingham - 2011
Vet C M1x Win 
Metropolitan Regatta - Dorney Lake 2011
W1x Elite Win
Home International Regatta - Inniscarra Ireland - 2010
LM1x Gold Medal
W1x Gold Medal

British National Regatta - Strathclyde - 2010
National Champion LM1x Sculler
Silver Medal W1x Sculler
Metropolitan Regatta - Dorney Lake - 2010                  World Cup Regatta - Munich
LW1x IM1 Win                                                                      Bulgarian & Putney Town Sculler
W1x 4 Wins (IM2, IM1 And Senior)                                  Winner Of 'C' Final At World Cup